2 comments on “Norah Guide Discusses February 2013 Astrological Forecast

  1. Namaste My Star Lady of the Universe etc,,,

    Indeed with this last weeks planet configuration with the introduction of Valentine Month of February –Truly on the 4th.Feb. (My golden lucky number) for the most part of last year my/our stale love-life became ignited and seems to be returning once again and not forgetting the corresponding eggshell walk or tip toe walking on thin ice following the amazing bliss of togetherness….
    Coupled with this recent spurt of love a real sense of frequency lift and notable sternum pressure pain(spirit charkra) resulting with consciousness being lifted and rather to say the least an experience of being spun out or disorientated during the entire week with head charkras screeming out please releave this irregular ache that eventually faded away with rest and paddle walk and swim at my beach-house which the grand-kids (Amber & Daniel} love to visit at poppa,s from time to time ..during the recent school holiday period..

    WOW My transit period of about the 6th.-7th.week is full of and deeply progressing with challenges on the left and the right as predicted in Scorpio (dob 2/11/1940 )

    Bless You Norah and all at Astrology Headquarters..– Many Thanks… Frank….


  2. I have been following you site everyday, this month of feburary has been challenging so far………i am in love with a libra and hoping she is my twin flame! She is everything i have ever wanted in a woman, but i am not sure she is ready for true love( her past relationships were hard on her soul). Please give me something positive to do hear? I am trying to be patient

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